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Scientist’s New Theory on Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory disorder that causes ulcerations in the small and large intestines. “Conventional wisdom” has been that it is somehow linked to an over-active immune system. However, Traditional Naturopaths have long believed that natural reinforcement of the immune system is in order. Now, the Allopathic community appears to be “coming around” […]

Mercury in Vaccines – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Mercury is a neurotoxin. Mercury is used as the “carrier” for most vaccines. Check out this article in Dr. Mercola’s Blog:

The Destructive Power of Vaccines

Many children are vaccinated and do not have these crippling effects. I understand that. But, that even one innocent child should suffer is too many!

Lying at the Meat Counter

All those cuts of steak look so bright and red and inviting, right? Well… here’s how they do it!

How You Are Being Fooled at the Meat Counter

Carbon Monoxide?!? Somehow, that doesn’t sound so inviting, does it? And, no studies on the long term effects of these practices. Bright. Something tells me that we […]

Flu Drugs Rendered Ineffective

Fact one: Drugs are artificial substances created by man to mask symptoms, or, in some cases, to alleviate symptoms. Fact two: Artificially fighting flu viruses with drugs can cause the virus to mutate and become resistant to the drug. Fact three: This leads to stronger more dangerous viruses that can more easily overcome weakened human […]

ADHD Drugs Now Have Warnings!

What I am about to say, is… humbly, my opinion. But, that’s what Blogs are about, right? Let’s set it up this way. Big Pharma (large drug companies) have an agenda… to sell drugs. Yeah, obvious, I know. But, their goal is sell as many drugs as possible. Some time back they decided that if […]

Candy That is Good for Your Teeth

As we know, candy that contains sugar is very bad for teeth. It promotes the bacteria that attack teeth. But one recent study indicates that there is a “candy” that is actually good for your teeth – licorice!

Licorice Good for Teeth

“Licorice has a possible benefit “for promoting oral health with licorice extracts,” Shi […]

Former General Warns of Eroding Healthcare Freedom in the US

There are many efforts afoot to curtail our healthcare freedoms. That is why I try to report here when I find these efforts are gaining ground. I have been aware of the European Union’s Codex Alimentarius for some time, but this article covers it quite well!

Former General Warns About Loss of Health Freedoms

“Some […]

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