Another Antibiotic Bites the Dust!

Natural Health
"Anti" means "against", while "bio" means "life," therefore, "antibiotics" are "against life," that is, they are designed to kill "bad things" in our system, but sometimes they do more... such is the case for "Tequin" an antibiotic that can cause serious blood sugar complications, and it is being pulled from the market by manufacturer Bristol-Myers Squibb. Tequin Being Recalled "In February of this year, the U.S. FDA required increased warnings on the label of the drug. It is most dangerous to diabetics, the elderly, and those with kidney disease." Many other antibiotics have been pulled from the market in the last few years: * Vioxx. The king of withdrawn drugs and well documented in previous chapters for causing 60,000 fatal heart attacks and strokes and as many as 160,000 heart…
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