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Allopathic Medicine’s “Culture of Corruption”

What do I mean by that? Allopathic medicine is what most American’s take for granted as “standard medicine.” It looks at symptoms of individuals and tries to classify and treat those symptoms. It normally (or, historically) does not look at overall well-being or nutritional deficiencies as an underlying foundation of disease. The standard allopathic treatment […]

Public Service Radio Spot About Vaccination Issues

Dr. Mercola has a great Blog entry, and link to a radio spot, that is airing warning of the issues involved in mercury in vaccines:

Vaccine Warning on the Radio

“‘Does your baby weigh over 500 pounds? According to the EPA, a person must weigh over 500 pounds to safely process the amount of mercury […]

Fish Oil More Effective Than Ritalin

Calm hyperactive children with natural fish oils, or risk killing them with the artificial drug, Ritalin? Some choice!

Fish Oil More Effective Than Ritalin

“A daily dose of fish oil is better at treating hyperactivity than Ritalin – the ‘chemical cosh’ linked to the deaths of children, stunning research has revealed. Just six capsules a […]

Vitamin C and Cancer

Dr. Linus Pauling proposed long ago that mega-doses of vitamin C could treat cancers. He was putdown by his peers, of course. Now, a twist on his approach is being re-visited again.

500 Oranges – A Cancer Cure?

“If Linus Pauling, the two-time Nobel laureate turned vitamin C zealot, had taken an equally dispassionate stance […]

An Osteoporosis Drug That Kills Your Bones?

Bisphosphonates, a class of drugs used to prevent broken and deteriorating bones in cancer and osteoporosis patients, have been linked to a serious side effect called osteonecrosis, in which areas of bone in the jaw die. However, while small, but increasing, numbers of complaints seem to be popping up, along with rising numbers of lawsuits […]

If We Bathe Less Often, Will We Be Healthier?

WHAT?!?! I know, it sounds way off track… but the answer is not as simple as it sounds. Western society (well, American society) stresses taking at least one bath per day, then using anti-bacterial soaps, reducing exposure to bacteria and germs, and use of deodorants. What if the lack of daily exposure to germs and […]

Can Deep Facial Wrinkles be an Indicator for Lung Disease?

Last year I took a Certified Natural Health Professionals Capstone course called, “Face, Tongue, and Nail Analysis.” It seems that what we learned about indicators in these areas is now being researched and accepted by many allopathic practioners as well!

Wrinkles: A Sign of Lung Disease

“The body speaks in visual clues revealing the state […]

“Mega-dosing” Vitamin D!

Dr. Linus Pauling introduced us to “Othromolecular Nutrition,” which some would refer to as “Mega-dosing.” Dr. Pauling was advocating much higher than the RDA of Vitamin C. The RDA values are WAY out of date, there is no doubt. Now, it seems, there is MUCH evidence that we need to be consuming much more Vitamin […]

Pizza Protects Against Cancer? That May Be Stretching It!

The BBC stretched a bit to get the headline:

Eating pizza “cuts cancer risk”

“Researchers claim eating pizza regularly reduced the risk of developing oesophageal cancer by 59%. The risk of developing colon cancer also fell by 26% and mouth cancer by 34%, they claimed. The secret could be lycopene, an antioxidant chemical in tomatoes, […]

Stop “Medicalizing” Bad Behavior!

I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment of this article! But, beyond what the writer says about “medicalizing” bad behavior, there is also the trend to make every little thing a “medical condition” in order to sell a drug for it! “Restless Leg Syndrome” comes to mind. Right.

Stop “Medicalizing” Bad Behavior!

“It may be […]

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