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Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Cancer

We have said many times in this Blog that the near “hysteria” over staying out of the sun has caused a deficiency in most folks in the U.S. of Vitamin D. We have also seen the link between Vitamin D and many debilitating and serious conditions. New evidence only strengthens this connection!

Vitamin D casts […]

Want a Laugh? “Scientists Discover that Probiotics are Beneficial!”

Imagine! They discovered that Americans are too “clean-centric” and that we NEED certain bacteria to be healthy! Natural health advocates have known this, literally for, years and years! Make that generations!

Hacking Your Body’s Bacteria for Better Health

“Modern humans are bacteria-killing machines. We assassinate microbes with hand soap, mouthwash and bathroom cleaners. It feels […]

Traditional Naturopath Podcast #29

The Traditional Naturopath Podcast – 29 – (04/14/07) Click on the “Play” button (the black triangle pointing to the right) below to play it as Streaming Audio. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Download MP3 (Right-Click on the Link Above and Save)

Show Notes: Specifics on the FDA “Guidance” on Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, […]

Why Would the FDA Ban, or Regulate, Supplements?

There is an old saying, “Follow the money.” Big pharmaceutical companies develop drugs to fight disease (supposedly) and then sell it via doctors to consumers. Consumers are finding that readily available vitamins, minerals, herbs, and supplements are often just as effective (if not MORE so) as the drugs, but without harmful side effects. Wouldn’t it […]

High Sugar Intake Linked to Cancer

You know that I am constantly “dinging” pure, white refined sugar as a “Metabolic Poison.” Well, now studies indicate that it can also increase the risk of cancer!

Blood sugar ‘boosts cancer risk’

Women with high blood sugar levels are at an increased risk of developing cancer, a major European study finds.

“Diabetes causes high […]

It Not Too Late – Send Your Comment NOW!

You can still send your comment to the FDA on their latest attempt to take away our vitamins and supplements! We have a very narrow window of opportunity to stop their master plan cold in its tracks!

Use this link to comment:

Submit Your Comment Directly to the FDA HERE!

PLEASE say your piece in […]

Traditional Naturopath Podcast #28

The Traditional Naturopath Podcast – 28 – (04/10/07) Click on the “Play” button (the black triangle pointing to the right) below to play it as Streaming Audio. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Download MP3 (Right-Click on the Link Above and Save)

Show Notes: Health Freedom call to action! The benefits of chocolate on […]

Natural Health Freedom Emergency!

There is a crisis in health freedom! Tell everyone you know that is interested in natural health freedoms! On April 30, 2007 the FDA will close the public comment period on a “Guidance” which will classify every alternative health practice as medicine so that only licensed physicians can carry out the procedures, AND vitamins, minerals, […]

GM Corn Shows Kidney and Liver Toxicity in Animal Studies

You have seen articles here on the Traditional Naturopath Blog about my concerns over GM (Genetically Modified) foods. I am VERY concerned that the FDA is not even going to require special labeling so that we can avoid it. Why? Well, if we KNEW it was GM, we wouldn’t buy it, and that would adversely […]

Great News for NC Health Freedom! HB1358

A new version of the NC Consumer Health Freedom Bill has been posted on the North Carolina Legislative Site! This bill is supported by the Citizens for Healthcare Freedom (their website link is below.)

Citizens for Healthcare Freedom Website

I would STRONGLY encourage you to read the Consumer Health Freedom Bill at this link:

North […]

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