Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Cancer

We have said many times in this Blog that the near “hysteria” over staying out of the sun has caused a deficiency in most folks in the U.S. of Vitamin D. We have also seen the link between Vitamin D and many debilitating and serious conditions. New evidence only strengthens this connection!

Vitamin D casts cancer prevention in new light

“For decades, researchers have puzzled over why rich northern countries have cancer rates many times higher than those in developing countries — and many have laid the blame on dangerous pollutants spewed out by industry. But research into vitamin D is suggesting both a plausible answer to this medical puzzle and a heretical notion: that cancers and other disorders in rich countries aren’t caused mainly by pollutants but by a vitamin deficiency known to be less acute or even non-existent in poor nations. Those trying to brand contaminants as the key factor behind cancer in the West are ‘looking for a bogeyman that doesn’t exist,’ argues Reinhold Vieth, professor at the Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Toronto and one of the world’s top vitamin D experts. Instead, he says, the critical factor ‘is more likely a lack of vitamin D.’ What’s more, researchers are linking low vitamin D status to a host of other serious ailments, including multiple sclerosis, juvenile diabetes, influenza, osteoporosis and bone fractures among the elderly.”

Notice this quote from the article I linked to above: “But perhaps the biggest bombshell about vitamin D’s effects is about to go off. In June, U.S. researchers will announce the first direct link between cancer prevention and the sunshine vitamin. Their results are nothing short of astounding. A four-year clinical trial involving 1,200 women found those taking the vitamin had about a 60-per-cent reduction in cancer incidence, compared with those who didn’t take it, a drop so large — twice the impact on cancer attributed to smoking — it almost looks like a typographical error. And in an era of pricey medical advances, the reduction seems even more remarkable because it was achieved with an over-the-counter supplement costing pennies a day.”

Simple, inexpensive Vitamin D supplementation, or even better, just getting out into the sun, which produces Vitamin D in the body naturally, can stave off these conditions. This doesn’t “help” the financial “bottom line” of Big Pharma… but it sure helps people stay healthy! Also notice this quote:

“Only brief full-body exposures to bright summer sunshine — of 10 or 15 minutes a day — are needed to make high amounts of the vitamin. But most authorities, including Health Canada, have urged a total avoidance of strong sunlight or, alternatively, heavy use of sunscreen. Both recommendations will block almost all vitamin D synthesis.”

Sunscreen, which we are being told to use ANYTIME we venture into the sun, BLOCKS “almost all vitamin D synthesis!” It is no wonder we are in an almost epidemic deficiently of Vitamin D! What DO we need to do? we need to get 20 minutes a day of sun on our skin, every day. That is not enough to cause cancer, but it is enough to produce Vitamin D!

Finally check this quote: “‘There is no better anti-cancer agent than activated vitamin D. I mean, it does everything you’d want,’ said Dr. Cannell of the Vitamin D Council.”

Get out there, and get some natural sunlight!

Want a Laugh? “Scientists Discover that Probiotics are Beneficial!”

Imagine! They discovered that Americans are too “clean-centric” and that we NEED certain bacteria to be healthy! Natural health advocates have known this, literally for, years and years! Make that generations!

Hacking Your Body’s Bacteria for Better Health

“Modern humans are bacteria-killing machines. We assassinate microbes with hand soap, mouthwash and bathroom cleaners. It feels clean and right. But some scientists say we’re overdoing it. All this killing may actually cause diseases like eczema, irritable bowel syndrome and even diabetes. The answer, they say, is counterintuitive: Feed patients bacteria. ‘Probiotics (pills containing bacteria) have resulted in complete elimination of eczema in 80 percent of the people we’ve treated,’ says Dr. Joseph E. Pizzorno Jr., a practicing physician and former member of the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy. Pizzorno says he’s used probiotics to treat irritable bowel disease, acne and even premenstrual syndrome. ‘It’s unusual for me to see a patient with a chronic disease that doesn’t respond to probiotics.’ Clinical trial data on probiotics is incomplete, but there are many indications that hacking the body’s bacteria is beneficial.”

This is just amazing to me! But as funny as it is… it is also sad!

Traditional Naturopath Podcast #29

The Traditional Naturopath Podcast – 29 – (04/14/07)
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Show Notes:
Specifics on the FDA “Guidance” on Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, and vitamins, supplements, minerals, and other foods. The link between sugar and cancer.

Why Would the FDA Ban, or Regulate, Supplements?

There is an old saying, “Follow the money.” Big pharmaceutical companies develop drugs to fight disease (supposedly) and then sell it via doctors to consumers. Consumers are finding that readily available vitamins, minerals, herbs, and supplements are often just as effective (if not MORE so) as the drugs, but without harmful side effects. Wouldn’t it then make sense for lobbyists to push to regulate away these readily available, natural supplements to protect their big pharma constituents? Yes.FDA Ban

And therein lies the problem. Right now, we have the choice to use supplements and herbs, if we choose to… so, in steps the FDA to take away that choice! And, as I have pointed out in an earlier Blog entry… we only have until April 30th to say anything about it!

Health freedom action alert: FDA attempting to regulate supplements, herbs and juices as “drugs”

“When it comes to health freedom, this is the FDA’s end game. A new FDA ‘guidance’ document, published on the FDA’s website, reveals plans to reclassify virtually all vitamins, supplements, herbs and even vegetable juices as FDA-regulated drugs. Massage oils and massage rocks will be classified as “medical devices” and require FDA approval. The document is called Docket No. 2006D-0480. Draft Guidance for Industry on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Products and Their Regulation by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA is accepting public comments on the docket until April 30th. They tried to sneak this under the radar, but word got out and now the natural health community is up in arms over this rule. If you wish to protect your access to nutritional supplements, herbs, essential oils, homeopathic medicine or any other ‘complementary’ or ‘alternative’ modality, it is crucial that you take action to post your comments with the FDA right now and write your representatives in Washington to put a stop to this outrageous effort to destroy natural medicine. (And be sure to really write them. Just sending an email has virtually no impact compared to writing a physical letter in your own words.)”

Write, call, or use this link to send the FDA a message… we want access to supplements, and natural health alternatives!

Click HERE to send a message to the FDA!

Here is the FDA’s address and their phone numbers:
Food and Drug Administration
1401 Rockville Pike, Suite 200N
Rockville, MD 20852-1448
Phone: 800-835-4709 or 301-827-1800

Be sure to cite Docket No. 2006D-0480. Draft Guidance for Industry on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Products and Their Regulation by the Food and Drug Administration in your message, letter, or call.

Here is a link to what the FDA is saying in its “Guidence:”

Guidance for Industry on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Products and Their Regulation by the Food and Drug Administration

Notice that it says that this, “includes, but is not limited to, botanicals, animal-derived extracts, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, proteins, prebiotics and probiotics: whole diets, and ‘functional foods’.” There is is, folks… do you want anything in this list regulated by the FDA?

High Sugar Intake Linked to Cancer

You know that I am constantly “dinging” pure, white refined sugar as a “Metabolic Poison.” Well, now studies indicate that it can also increase the risk of cancer!

Blood sugar ‘boosts cancer risk’

Women with high blood sugar levels are at an increased risk of developing cancer, a major European study finds.

“Diabetes causes high blood sugar, as does eating too much sugary food. The Swedish research, which looked at 64,500 people, linked raised blood sugar with pancreas, skin, womb, and urinary tract cancers in women. Diabetes experts said more evidence was needed to confirm the link. The study comes as other work links a high fat diet to increased breast cancer risk. In this study, carried out by a team at the University of Umea, high blood sugar was also linked to breast cancer risk – for women under 49. Overall, the research found women in the top 25% range of blood sugar readings after fasting had a 26% higher chance of developing cancer than those in the bottom quarter.”

Prospective Study of Hyperglycemia and Cancer Risk

“The association of hyperglycemia with total cancer risk in women and in women and men combined for several cancer sites, independently of obesity, provides further evidence for an association between abnormal glucose metabolism and cancer.”

It Not Too Late – Send Your Comment NOW!

You can still send your comment to the FDA on their latest attempt to take away our vitamins and supplements! We have a very narrow window of opportunity to stop their master plan cold in its tracks!

Use this link to comment:

Submit Your Comment Directly to the FDA HERE!

PLEASE say your piece in your OWN words… a “form letter” is not as effective. Here’s what I said:

“Docket: 2006D-0480 – Draft Guidance for Industry on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Products and Their Regulation by the Food and Drug Administration; Availability Temporary Comment Number: 118596

It is up to the individual consumer to decide what they want to use to enhance their health. Herbs, minerals, vitamins and supplements are simply put, ‘food.’ A government agency should not be able to decide what foods I choose to eat, nor should they be allowed to decide what vitamins I can take, or how much. It should be an individual right. My body, my decision. I am the person most responsible for my own health, not the government, not a doctor, not a nutritionist. I should be allowed to make my own decisions. This is what basic health freedom is about!”

I can’t say it strongly enough… PLEASE tell them what you think NOW!

Traditional Naturopath Podcast #28

The Traditional Naturopath Podcast – 28 – (04/10/07)
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Show Notes:
Health Freedom call to action! The benefits of chocolate on health. Big Pharma’s role in creating and marketing “street drugs.” The NC Consumer Health Freedom Bill (HB1358.) Monsanto’s GM corn shows kidney, liver toxicity in animal studies.

Natural Health Freedom Emergency!

There is a crisis in health freedom! Tell everyone you know that is interested in natural health freedoms! On April 30, 2007 the FDA will close the public comment period on a “Guidance” which will classify every alternative health practice as medicine so that only licensed physicians can carry out the procedures, AND vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc., will suddenly become “untested drugs” which will be forbidden!

Use This Link to Respond to the FDA!

We MUST stand up now for our health freedoms while we can! PLEASE spread the word!

GM Corn Shows Kidney and Liver Toxicity in Animal Studies

You have seen articles here on the Traditional Naturopath Blog about my concerns over GM (Genetically Modified) foods. I am VERY concerned that the FDA is not even going to require special labeling so that we can avoid it. Why? Well, if we KNEW it was GM, we wouldn’t buy it, and that would adversely impact business! I would rather they not even make this “monster food,” but at the VERY least they should have warning labels so that those of us that choose to eat only real food can do so!GM Foods

Now, there is direct evidence that GM corn does cause liver and kidney toxicity! But, does this mean that the government will ban it? No!

Monsanto’s GM corn MON863 shows kidney, liver toxicity in animal studies

“A variety of genetically modified corn that was approved for human consumption in 2006 caused signs of liver and kidney toxicity as well as hormonal changes in rats in a study performed by researchers from the independent Committee for Independent Research and Genetic Engineering at the University of Caen in France. The corn in question, MON863, is made by the Monsanto Company and approved for use in Australia, Canada, China, the European Union, Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, and the United States. It has had a gene inserted from the bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), which causes the plant’s cells to produce a pesticide.

• Researchers fed rats either unmodified corn or diets containing 11 or 30 percent MON863 for 90 days. The rats who ate modified corn were found to exhibit signs of liver and kidney toxicity, as well as signs of hormonal changes.

• Male rats lost an average of 3.3 percent of their body weight, and their excretion of phosphorus and sodium decreased. Female rats gained an average of 3.7 percent of their body weight, while their triglyceride levels increased by 24 to 40 percent.”

The fact that this corn is approved anywhere is a disgrace! We HAVE to demand warning labels, or outright bans!

Great News for NC Health Freedom! HB1358

A new version of the NC Consumer Health Freedom Bill has been posted on the North Carolina Legislative Site! This bill is supported by the Citizens for Healthcare Freedom (their website link is below.)

Citizens for Healthcare Freedom Website

I would STRONGLY encourage you to read the Consumer Health Freedom Bill at this link:

North Carolina House Bill 1358

Then, PLEASE sign the electronic petition for the bill at this link:

Electronic Petition for HB1358

Here is some information that will explain the need for this excellent legislation!

Problem: The concern is that consumer access is limited in NC to complementary and alternative health care because many practitioners do not practice in NC or if they practice they do so under the threat of being criminally charged with practice of medicine without a license. NC law’s broad definition of medicine requires anyone practicing the healing arts to have a license or be practicing under an exemption or safe harbor. NC does not provide a safe harbor for the many natural healing arts that are widely practiced and pose no risk of harm to the public.

Solution: This bill is a common sense approach used by other states. It provides an exemption to the practice of medicine violations for those persons practicing a healing art within the prohibited conduct parameters and provides clients with proper disclosures.

1. Liberty – Every citizen has the right to choose the path of his/her own healing.

2. Free Market – Citizens want more healthcare options broaden the availability of all natural
healing modalities, consistent with worldwide trends. Total U.S. out-of-pocket expenditures related to alternative health care were conservatively estimated $27 billion, comparable to the amount spent on out-of-pocket expenditures for all U.S physician services in 1997*.

3. Cost Effectiveness and Efficacy – Citizens are facing substantial health insurance cost increases.

An estimated 1.4 million (16.75%) North Carolinians do not have health insurance. Citizens want
more healthcare options, particularly for chronic illness. Complementary and alternative health care can be used for chronic as well as preventative medicine. Several studies have found that complementary and alternative health care services, as they are currently provided, do not represent a substantial risk to the general public, and may even contribute to improved safety of health care.

4. States with Exemptions – Six states (MN, CA, RI, ID, LA, OK) have passed similar health freedom bills. Health freedom bills are being introduced in nine additional states and a total of thirty states are known to be addressing this issue.

5. Education – Once protected, the marketplace can more effectively provide citizens with detailed information about complementary and alternative medical services. Freer communication between patients and their conventional and alternative health care providers can benefit all. Two North Carolina medical schools (UNC-CH and Duke) have Integrative Medicine programs actively promoting allied health education in complementary and alternative therapies.

Complementary and Alternative Healthcare Services in North Carolina Extent of Current Practice – As many as 3.3 million North Carolina citizens receive a substantial volume of health care services from complementary and alternative health care practitioners.

Popularity among Patients – The usage of the broad domain of healing arts including complementary and alternative practices continues to grow even though the patient typically pays for the total cost of the service. Americans made more visits to complementary and alternative healthcare providers (629 mi) than to all primary care physicians (386 mi) in 1997*. Total number of visits to complementary providers increased by 47% from 427 mi in 1990 to 629 mi in 1997 nationwide.*

* Per David Eisenberg, M.D., Harvard Medical School

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