The Health Freedom Act and Why You Should Support It!

From the NC-CHF:

The Consumer Health Freedom Act, HB 842 will allow alternative health professionals the freedom to advertise and practice their occupation legally. It will give consumers the freedom to choose the alternative services and practitioners they prefer.

It is estimated that more than half of Americans use alternative products, many self-prescribed and often without guidance from skilled health professionals. This bill will open the door to alternative health care services provided by trained practitioners — services currently not offered by most medical doctors. Many experts believe broad access to alternative treatments will substantially reduce health care costs while improving the health of the population. Studies show that consumers pay for these services out of pocket.

Alternative treatments have been provided safely for centuries without substantial risk of harm to the public. Legalizing them formally will assure even safer and more professional provision of these services in our state. The bill requires that practitioners give consumers information about their education, professional training, and certification, and to refrain from certain acts and services, such as prescribing drugs or performing surgery, x-rays, etc.

North Carolinians seek out alternative products and services in increasing numbers. However currently very few alternative practitioners dare to practice openly in North Carolina because, under current law, they could be charged with “practicing medicine without a license” and risk criminal penalties. This is because the North Carolina medical licensing law has a very broad definition of what constitutes “the practice of medicine.”

The North Carolina medical practice act currently restricts to licensed physicians: “to prevent or diagnose, correct, prescribe for, administer to, or treat in any manner or by any means, methods, or devices any disease, illness, pain, wound, fracture, infirmity, defect, or abnormal physical or mental condition of any individual.” This excludes alternative professionals not licensed as medical doctors or other medical specialties.

It is easy to understand how existing law excludes alternative treatments in favor of conventional medicine. Most medical doctors do not offer homeopathy, naturopathy, herbal treatments, nutritional therapies or other natural, traditional and innovative therapies. The Consumer Health Freedom Act will make these services more widely available.

Eight other states already have health freedom laws — Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Rhode Island — and at least twenty-two other states have introduced similar bills. What can you do to help make North Carolina the ninth health freedom state?

What Can You Do To Protect Your Healthcare Options?

The most important thing right now is to get the word out to everyone that you know – your whole personal e-mail list – that the NC Health Freedom Bill, sponsored by the NC-Citizens for Healthcare Freedom, will be heard this Tuesday, April 21st!

For more info, check out this web site: NC HEALTH FREEDOM NOW!

You need to contact YOUR legislators and representatives and tell them that you support personal health freedom of choice… and the use and availability of natural health modalities.

Share personal stories with them by way of e-mail and phone calls of the successes that you have had with natural health modalities.

YOU are the key to making this happen! YOU have the power to reach others and convince representatives of the benefits of natural health practices and our personal freedom to use these modalities in our lives, and our family’s lives.

Don’t let the Medical Establishment deny us our right to choose what form of health practice we can use on our own bodies!

You can also sign CHF’s Electronic Petition and encourage others to do so, as well!

Contact CHF for more ideas at:

Citizens for Healthcare Freedom
P.O. Box 12893
Raleigh, NC 27605

Mike Causey,
Executive Director
Phone: (336) 210-1947