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Lemon Grass Eases Muscle Tension

Once again, natural substances can have a tremendous benefit, if applied correctly to the human condition!

Lemon grass eases muscle cramps

“(NaturalNews) Since the beginning of medicine, people have looked for a way to ease the pain and discomfort of a variety of ailments. Over time, some herbs have been found to be highly effective […]

The FDA is About to Remove Your Right to Buy Vitamins and Herbs

Yes, that is no exaggeration. Check out the text of this proposed regulation:

Dietary Supplements – FDA Draft Regulation

You have until September 30th to protest this regulation. Remember, a regulation is forced on us by the government, it is not enacted by Congress, such as a law. No one is truly accountable. It simply […]

Daily Vitamin B Pill Could Help Alzheimer’s

A simple vitamin B tablet could help stave off Alzheimer’s Disease. The more science discovers about disease issues, the more they find that nutrition is a key!

Daily Vitamin B pill can help stave off Alzheimer’s disease

“The tablet, containing high doses of B vitamins and folic acid, reduced memory decline by 70 per cent […]

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