Traditional Naturopath Podcast #56

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The Traditional Naturopath Podcast - 56 - (02/04/12) Click on the "Play" button (the triangle pointing to the right) below to play it as Streaming Audio. Your browser does not support the audio element. Download MP3 (Right-Click on the Link Above and Save) Show Notes: Chomping on carrots and celery could ward off colon cancer, Melatonin, Sleep, and Alzheimer’s Disease, dealing with Adipose tissue (body fat.) Tumeric and Curcumin offer powerful anti-Cancer health benefits naturally!
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Tumeric and Curcumin Offer Benefits Against Cancer!

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Tumeric is a great anti-inflammatory that I have used in the past to help myself with inflammation in my leg. It was very useful, and a powerful natural aid in that area. Now, both Tumeric and Curcumin have been shown to be useful in cancer treatments! Tumeric and Curcumin Offer Powerful Anti-Cancer Health Benefits Naturally "Commonly used in many Eastern countries, turmeric has been found to suppress cancer growth and reduce brain tumors by an astounding 81% without evidence of toxicity. While the benefits of turmeric are just coming to light within the mainstream and alternative media, it has been known for quite some time that this inexpensive spice can profoundly improve biological function. Curcumin, a natural phenol and derivative of turmeric, may be responsible for many of these effects…
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