A Bad Bill that would Restrict Your Access to Vitamins and Herbs

I like to let you know when “good laws” are suggested to help preserve our health freedoms, but I also want to warn you when BAD bills are introduced! And this one is a “doosy!”

HR3156 Would Restrict Your Freedoms!

H.R. 3156, otherwise known as the “Dietary Supplement Access and Awareness Act,” is being touted as an education bill, but would increase health costs and could deny American health consumers access to some currently-available herbs and non-vitamin dietary supplements.

H.R. 3156 will likely increase the price of popular herbs and dietary supplements like St. John’s Wort, saw palmetto, and omega-3 fatty acids by establishing a burdensome and unnecessary set of ingredient and adverse event reporting requirements. There is a link in the article above that you can follow up to fight this bill!

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