FDA Proposes Lower Lead Levels in Candy

Lead, and any heavy metals, are VERY bad for your health. The FDA quideline has been 0.5 ppm for candy products. The proposed new level that is “acceptable” would be 0.1 part per million (ppm) of lead.

FDA Proposes Lower Lead Levels in Candy

“Lead poisoning is associated with behavior and learning problems in children, and can also cause seizures or death. The risk is greatest in children aged 6 and younger. Most domestic and imported candies already have lead levels of 0.1 ppm or less. Certain candies imported from Mexico, however, have higher levels, apparently as a result of ingredients such as chili powder and salt. ”

Herbs that can help cleanse tissues of heavy metals:

1) Liver – spirulina, garlic, milk thistle, triphala, artichoke, fenugreek, turmeric

2) Lungs – garlic, mullein, oregano, turmeric, red clover

3) Lymphatic System – spirulina, garlic, green tea, red clover

4) Kidneys – dandelion leaf, spirulina, parsley, artichoke, nettle

5) Skin – oatstraw, red clover

6) Blood – artichoke, turmeric, red clover

7) Bowel – triphala, marshmallow, slippery elm

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