H1303 – Critical Natural Health Bill in NC!

I try to keep you informed on Natural Health Freedom issues. Read up on this critical House Bill proposal that would preserve your rights to Natural Health practitioners in North Carolina:

House Bill 1303 in North Carolina

I am working with the Citizens for Healthcare Freedom in North Carolina to try to get this bill passed. It would go a LONG way to preserving our Natural Health rights!

To summarize the bill, practitioners of natural health modalities ranging from naturopathy to bodywork, would be able to practice freely and legally as long as they follow these guidelines.

“ . . . Prior to providing such services, disclose to the client in a plainly worded written statement all of the following information:
(1) The practitioner’s name, business address, and telephone number.
(2) That he or she is not a physician, surgeon, or medical doctor, or other licensed health care professional, and that he or she is not licensed, certified, or registered, by the state of North Carolina.
(3) The nature of the health care services to be provided.
(4) The degrees, training, experience, credentials, or other qualifications of the practitioner regarding the health care services being provided.�

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  • I am working towards my bachelor degree in Holistic Nutrition Studies/Doctor of Naturopathy. I am working with Clayton College of Natural Health. I would like to enhance my studies by working part-time or full-time in an office that provides Naturopathic treatments. I am in the Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina area. Can you provide any recommendations on who I can submit my resume to. Sorry to to use this comment section but I am trying so hard to reach my goals Thanks.

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