How to Detox

I had a question from one of our readers in Canada on what to do to detox. I decided to go ahead and list my answer here, with the links, because I figure that many others may have this question as well…

There are several good links that I like:

This one: Detox Article

Especially the section on: “How Do We Detoxify/Cleanse?”


Detox Information

Here’s the “Supports” Section from that page:


Because of its many metabolic functions, the liver is the most important detoxification organ. Liver-supportive nutrients like the B vitamins (especially B3 and B6), vitamins A and C, zinc, calcium, vitamin E, selenium and L-cysteine are supportive of liver detoxification. Some doctors recommend a liver glandular during cleanses.

Saunas, sweats and dry brushing the skin are commonly used during cleanses to help purify the body through enhanced skin elimination. Massage therapy, especially lymphatic and even deeper massage, is also useful in supporting a detoxification program.

There are many cleansing herbs, including garlic, red clover, echinacea, dandelion root, chaparral, cayenne pepper, ginger root, licorice root, yellow dock, burdock, parsley and goldenseal.

I hope this helps!

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