Former General Warns of Eroding Healthcare Freedom in the US

There are many efforts afoot to curtail our healthcare freedoms. That is why I try to report here when I find these efforts are gaining ground. I have been aware of the European Union’s Codex Alimentarius for some time, but this article covers it quite well!

Former General Warns About Loss of Health Freedoms

“Some of the points made during their interview (of General Stubblebine) are:

– Codex Alimentarius requires that all meats, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetables must be irradiated by Dec. 31, 2009.

– Codex Alimentarius requires that all dairy cattle are to be given Monsanto bovine growth hormone by Dec. 31, 2009.

– Codex Alimentarius reclassifies vitamin and mineral supplements as toxins and dramatically limits their dosage and availability.

– Many nations have already harmonized their laws with Codex Alimentarius making it their de facto law. This has already been approved by the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and others.

– Codex Alimentarius allows significant trade sanctions to be levied against noncompliant nations.

General Stubblebine remarked, ‘This is a developing situation that every health conscious American should be aware of. The implementation of Codex Alimentarius is quietly going forward without the participation of the American public. Americans need to be involved if they want to insure that the choices they have today are here tomorrow’. Dr. Laibow agrees, she added, ‘Many of the changes that Codex Alimentarius requires are not in our best interest'”.

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