Stop “Medicalizing” Bad Behavior!

I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment of this article! But, beyond what the writer says about “medicalizing” bad behavior, there is also the trend to make every little thing a “medical condition” in order to sell a drug for it! “Restless Leg Syndrome” comes to mind. Right.

Stop “Medicalizing” Bad Behavior!

“It may be hard to recall, but once there was a time when people took responsibility for their behavior, without recourse to the psychiatric and psychological communities. It wasn’t even all that long ago. There was a day when drug addiction, alcoholism and other pathologies were seen for what they were: human failures by individuals who had lost control of their lives. Today, however, is the day of Too Much Medicine. Today, all sorts of bad behavior is being reclassified – as one disease or another. The latest is something doctors are referring to as ‘intermittent explosive disorder’ (IED). They’re tying it to road rage, which erupts when one driver cuts off another and the battle begins.”

“Big Pharma” loves this kind of stuff. Now they can create a drug to sell to “cure” the problem that was invented. It is a shame!


  • What type of bad behavior do you suppose causes restless leg syndrome? My grandmother’s second husband had it before he died. I’m quite sure he didn’t engage in any bad behavior. He ate well and excersied as much as an 89 year old man could. You may have a point, but your example doesn’t fit.

  • I didn’t mean that RLS was a “bad behavior” condition, only that RLS is an example of “medicalizing” that is occurring in these days. In other words, in the quote: “…there is also the trend to make every little thing a ‘medical condition’ in order to sell a drug for it! ‘Restless Leg Syndrome’ comes to mind.” The “every little thing” refers to medicalized conditions that may, in fact, not be TRUE diseases, but effects of other conditions, result of diet… in other words, symptoms of other conditions… not a “new disease” unto itself. My concern is that the drug companies, and other individuals with interests that are mainly “profit-motivated” are creating conditions to then promote a “cure” or “treatment” for it… rather than simply addressing the underlying real condition, whether it is truly medical, or nutritional, in nature.

  • I don’t disagree with the point you are making. (The ads about the drug that will allow guys to drive farther without having to take as many bathroom breaks comes to mind). But headaches aren’t diseases either, however I’m still glad I can take an asprin when I get one.

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