Can Deep Facial Wrinkles be an Indicator for Lung Disease?

Last year I took a Certified Natural Health Professionals Capstone course called, “Face, Tongue, and Nail Analysis.” It seems that what we learned about indicators in these areas is now being researched and accepted by many allopathic practioners as well!

Wrinkles: A Sign of Lung Disease

“The body speaks in visual clues revealing the state of our health. For example, a trained practitioner can tell you if you have heart disease by examining how your fingernails grow. Deciphering what the body is trying to say is a continuing learning process for the health community. Now, there might be one more clue that is understood. According to researchers, deep facial wrinkles indicate lung weakness and a sign of lung disease. In a study done at the Royal Devon & Exeter National Health Service in Britain, the participants who had significant wrinkles of the face were five times more likely to have COPD and three times more likely to have severe emphysema. It has been well-established that some, but not all smokers, develop decreased lung function and eventual COPD. Researchers believe the results of this study will alert physicians to the potential for lung disease when treating patients who show extensive or deep wrinkling of the face.”

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