Cherry Juice for Muscle Pain

A new randomized, placebo-controlled study demonstrates that cherry juice may be a good natural treatment for muscle pain caused by exercise.

Cherry Juice May Prevent Muscle Damage Pain

“Historically, a number of approaches to prevent exercise-induced muscle pain and damage have been examined, but few have been effective. Declan Connolly, associate professor of education and director of the human performance laboratory at the University of Vermont and colleagues at New York Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma and Cornell University, evaluated the efficacy of a fresh, highly-concentrated, specially-processed tart cherry juice blend in preventing the symptoms of muscle damage in a randomized, placebo-controlled study in 14 male college students. ‘The anti-inflammatory properties of cherry juice have been examined before, but the focus of this research was on a new area – muscle damage repair,’ said Connolly. ‘Only two species of mammals suffer this type of muscle damage – horses and humans.'”

This type of natural treatment is fascinating, in that it, obviously, has no side effects and contraindications as drugs would have.

“According to Connolly, next steps include identifying funding sources and collaborators to continue study of the cherry juice’s effectiveness in muscle damage repair and possibly arthritis, as well as research involving race horses.”

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