Drinking Tea May Fight Cancer… Especially for Women!

A new study in China indicates that drinking tea is good for you! In fact, it may help fight cancer!

Drinking tea may stave off bile stones and cancer

“In the new study, the researchers examined the effects of tea consumption on the risk of biliary tract cancers and biliary stones. Included in the study were 627 patients with biliary tract cancer, 1,037 with biliary stones, and 959 comparison subjects. The team obtained data on demographics, medical and dietary factors, and tea consumption. Tea drinkers were defined as those who drank at least one cup of tea per day for at least 6 months. Of the 959 control subjects, 394 (41 percent) were ever tea drinkers. In women, drinking at least one cup of tea per day for at least 6 months seemed to cut the risks of bile stones by 27 percent, gallbladder cancer by 44 percent, and bile duct cancer by 35 percent. In men, tea drinking had a similar effect, but not of the magnitude seen in women.”

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