Another Reason to Avoid Processed Sugar!

We have known for some time that over-consumption of processed sugars and corn syrup in foods has led to increased chance of “Syndrome-X” (insulin sensitivity and resistance,) which may lead to diabetes. We also know that insulin is the hormone that signals your body to store fat. Now, this is new evidence that sugar consumption can aid cancer cell growth!

More Evidence that Sugar Feeds Cancer

I find Dr. Mercola’s statements compelling: “Getting back to the study, though, I find it somewhat tragic that this is not really new information. The article mentions Otto Warburg, who was the German physician that was awarded a Nobel Prize over 75 years ago for first uncovering cancer cells’ massive dependence on sugar as a fuel source. Yes, you read that correctly. Physicians have been exposed to this information for 75 years, when most of your great grandparents were alive and kicking. It is reassuring to have Harvard researchers confirm this again, though. But do you think for one moment this will change the clinical protocols for the average oncologist? Don’t hold your breath. It is just shocking to me that they don’t understand this basic fact and integrate it into their treatment program.”

If we do not learn from history, we will be compelled to repeat it! Cut out processed sugars!

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