Exposure to Chlorine in Indoor Pools May Lead to Asthma

I have mentioned before the problems of environmental exposure to metals and chemicals and your health. Constant, continual exposure to any chemical can be problematic. It seems that research is bearing this out with regard to chlorine exposure and indoor pools. Note that this is continued repetitive exposure.

Swimming pool use link to asthma

“The Belgian study found rates of childhood asthma and wheeze rose by around 2-3% for every indoor swimming pool per 100,000 people. The researchers believe the key could be exposure to chlorine, which is used to keep pools clean. The study, by the Catholic University of Louvain, appears in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. The researchers say the long-term effects of chlorine by-products on children’s respiratory health should be thoroughly evaluated, and that pools should be properly ventilated and levels of chlorine by-products regulated. A study published three years ago by the same team produced evidence that chlorine in pools can react with sweat or urine to create harmful fumes which can damage lungs. They found found that children who regularly attend indoor pools accumulate proteins known, in high quantities, to cause damage to cells in the lungs.”

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