16 Year Old That Was to be Forced to Receive Chemo Gets a Reprieve

Abraham Cherrix, a sixteen year old, who, with his parents, wanted to avoid another bout of chemotherapy and use a natural, herbal approach for treatment, will get his day in open court on appeal! His first hearing was held in closed court, but the appellate judge ruled that the next hearing will be in a public forum.

As public pressure mounts, Judge reverses chemotherapy sentence for Abraham Cherrix

(Judge) “Tyler also returned full custody of Abraham to his parents pending his new trial on Aug.16, which will be open to the public, unlike Abraham’s first trial. ‘I feel like I have been released,’ Abraham said after Tyler’s decision was announced. The 16-year-old has opted to treat his cancer with the Hoxsey method, an alternative treatment consisting of an organic diet and herbal supplementation. After being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s, Abraham underwent chemotherapy, but felt weak, nauseated and feverish. After his cancer returned in February, he opted for Hoxsey’s natural treatments offered by a clinic in Mexico.”

This is amazing and great news! I wish Abraham and his family well and believe that the public outcry about this case has set back “medical tyranny” by those that believe that being in a dominant medical position gives them powers that they do not, in fact, have!

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