The Traditional Naturopath Podcast #5

The Traditional Naturopath Podcast – 5 – (08/06/06)
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Show Notes:
Intro – I’ve been on vacation which is why the Blog has languished a bit this week! An introduction to the web site and podcast’s purpose… why we are here! What is Naturopathy and how does it compare to Allopathic Medicine? Why a “long term” approach to lifestyle change can be a benefit compared to treating symptoms. A funny, yet pointed “song” about drug commercials on TV and how they are misleading people… as well as a brief discussion of Humira and it’s side effects! a man gets stopped in an Orlando airport because of radiation detectors catching his thyroid treatments! Wow! CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) may be as effective against Diabetes as drugs according to research. “Compared to the synthetic drugs used to treated this disease, CLA does not cause weight gain and may in fact decrease overall body fat,” says Vanden Heuvel, who has been granted a patent on the new method of treating diabetes with CLA. So… a natural approach is as effective as a synthetic drug… and has GOOD side effects!

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