Can Electricity Heal A Wound?

From a Naturopathic point of view, we are very interested in the body’s energy fields and many Naturopaths study the flow of energy through the body. This has long been considered somewhat “voodoo,” or “new age,” and has not been taken very seriously by Allopathic practitioners. Now, medical science is beginning to research the areas in which the body’s flow of energy, and energy fields (such as electricity) effects on the body, and how they can be useful!

To heal a wound, turn up the voltage

“It may sound like something out of Frankenstein, but electric currents applied to the skin could potentially speed up wound healing. Ironically, though the phenomenon was reported 150 years ago by the German physiologist Emil Du Bois-Reymond, it has been ignored ever since.

Now Josef Penninger of the Austrian Institute of Molecular Biotechnology in Vienna and Min Zhao of the University of Aberdeen, UK, have demonstrated that natural electric fields and currents in tissue play a vital role in orchestrating the wound-healing process by attracting repair cells to damaged areas. The researchers have also identified the genes that control the process. ‘We were originally sceptical, but then we realised it was a real effect and looked for the genes responsible,’ Penninger says. ‘It’s not homeopathy, it’s biophysics.'”

He still sounds as though he believes homeopathy is in the realm of “voodoo,” though! I guess “baby steps” toward accepting natural remedies are better than none at all!

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