Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment Very Effective Against Diabetes

A Traditional Chinese Medicine remedy, Berberine, has been found in studies to be very effective in lowering and controlling blood sugar… and, as an added benefit, it seems to help decrease weight as well!

Traditional Chinese Remedy Proves Effective in Lowering Blood Sugar

“Berberine, found in the roots and barks of some plants, has been documented in Chinese literature as being able to lower glucose levels in diabetics. Now scientists have found that studies on rodents support this claim. Writing in the journal Diabetes, they added that berberine reduced the animals’ body weight, suggesting it could also be used to treat obesity… The researchers found that a dose of the compound, given orally, caused blood sugar levels to go down, led to fewer fats circulating in the bloodstream, made insulin work better and lowered the animals’ body weights… The team believes the plant product is “turning on” an enzyme found in body tissue, which improves the body’s sensitivity to insulin, in turn lowering blood sugar levels and reducing the level of circulating fats. Professor James said: ‘This is a very nice example of how there is validity to some of these traditional medicines.'”

Again, encouraging news that Allopathic medicine is “wising up” to natural remedies!

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