Yellow “Veggies” Are Good for Your Eyes!

I had an instructor in my natural health classes while I was working on my doctorate that said, “Eat your colors for good health!” That advice sounded odd, but it stuck with me! Now, there’s a new study that demonstrates the truth or this advice!

Yellow veggies contain natural medicines that prevent blindness, eye degeneration

“New research appearing in the journal Archives of Ophthalmology reveals that women with diets high in yellow vegetables have a lower risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Pigments found in pumpkin, corn, egg yolks and some leafy green vegetables were found to reduce the risk of AMD for women under 75 years old. The pigments lutein and zeaxanthin in particular were found to reduce the risk possibly by absorbing blue light that can damage the back of the retina. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin examined the diets of 1,787 women 50 to 79 years old and took blood samples and color photos of their retinas. Women under 75 with diets high in yellow veggie pigments were found to have a lower risk of developing intermediate-stage AMD. However, the researchers could only prove a weak link between the pigments and advanced-stage AMD.”

Generally, a broad spectrum of vegetables is preferable in your food choices. (No pun intended!)

“‘These findings further demonstrate the healing potential of plant-based medicine provided by nature,’ explained Mike Adams, a holistic nutritionist and creator of the Honest Food Guide. ‘Each color found in fruits and vegetables is actually a different medicine. While yellows and oranges are wonderful for nervous system protection, blues and greens offer anti-cancer benefits and cardiovascular protection. To be healthy and avoid disease, eat natural foods containing all the colors of the rainbow.'”

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