The FDA Approves a Spray-on Virus as an Additive for Meat!

Can you say, “Insane?!” Imagine treating meat with a combination of spray-on viruses as a “food additive?” Now imagine the FDA approving it! Note the last paragraph of the article I have in the link:

“Prior to issuing its approval, the FDA was concerned that the virus preparation might contain toxic residues associated with the bacteria. Tests found no residues present, however. In small quantities, such residues would be unlikely to cause any health problems, the FDA said.” (Emphasis mine.)

FDA Oks Spray-On Virus Additives for Meat

“In small quantities, such residues would be unlikely to cause any health problems???” In small quantities poison might not kill you, but it would not be healthy to eat it! This is the kind of insane viewpoint that drives me nuts! I trust that AT LEAST they will require some notifcation of meats treated in this way, so we can avoid the contamination by choice. However, I wouldn’t count on that! Whoever uses this kind of thing should be run out of the “food business” on a rail! Give me a break! (Can you tell that this one has “pushed my buttons?”)

If nothing else, consider that we have a delicate balance of “good” bacteria in the small intestine to aid in digestion… what if this artificially introduced combination of six bacteriophages, which the article says are parasitic viruses that destroy bacteria, kill our internal, beneficial bacteria? It is not like the allopathic community (and by extension, food researchers) have ever shown much interest in making sure that the gut was properly populated with probiotics!

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  • Once again the FDA seems to fail at it’s intended purpose of protecting consumers. I wonder if any of them actually take their jobs seriously. The FDA states that around 2500 people a year become ill and another 500 are killed by food related illnesses. Apparently they are counting on poor math skills, like those of the President, to gain support of such actions. But this is an extreme measure, given the small portion of our population to ever fall seriously ill or die to justify introducing a virus that hasn’t been fully studied. So to spare this small percentile any future illness let us instead put the greater population an a whole at risk of what may result in far worse side-effects.

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