The Traditional Naturopath Podcast #8

The Traditional Naturopath Podcast – 8 – (08/26/06)
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Show Notes:
A technical problem with last week’s podcast! A quick “tutorial” for the Traditional Naturopath website. If you are not getting enough sleep, you might actually gain weight! The benefits of small things, and small changes, to your overall health. “Non-exercise associated thermogenesis” or NEAT. The FDA approves a spray-on virus as an “additive” for meat! Is this insane, or what? The “Rain Forest” view of your gut! How this “additive” could “de-folliate” the “rainforest” of your intestines! Accutane, an acne drug, has serious side effects! Aspartame (also sold under the brand name of “Nutrasweet”) as an ant poison! The asparctic acid contained in this toxic product is a well-documented excitotoxin! Apparently, only 1 in 8000 cows “taste great!” Cloned cattle may be in our future… but not for me!

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