Drinking Juice May Cut Your Risk for Alzheimer’s

“Juicers” like Jack LaLanne have been saying it for years… drinking natural juice is healthy! Now a study suggests that drinking juice may help ward off Alzheimer’s Disease.

Juices ‘may cut Alzheimer’s risk’

Drinking fruit and vegetable juices frequently may significantly cut the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, a study suggests. US researchers followed almost 2,000 people for up to 10 years – providing a powerful set of results. They found the risk was 76% lower for those who drank juice more than three times a week, compared to those who drank it less than once a week. The study appears in the American Journal of Medicine. Alzheimer’s is linked to the accumulation of clumps of beta-amyloid protein in the brain. There is some evidence to suggest that this process may be controlled by the chemical hydrogen peroxide. Various studies have suggested that polyphenols – chemicals available in many foods – might disrupt these processes and provide some protection against Alzheimer’s disease by neutralising the effect of damaging compounds called free radicals. Fruit and vegetable juices are particularly rich in polyphenols.”

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