The Traditional Naturopath Podcast #9

The Traditional Naturopath Podcast – 9 – (09/03/06)
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Show Notes:
A high sugar, low fiber diet in “Western Society” is making our children obese. Our “fast food” society is generating a “fat food” society! Calorie intake and expenditure normally are regulated by leptin. When the hormone, leptin, is functioning properly it increases physical activity, decreases appetite, and increases feelings of well-being. Conversely, when leptin is suppressed, feelings of well-being and activity decrease and appetite increases, a state called “leptin resistance.” Drinking fruit and vegetable juices can decrease your susceptibility to Alzheimer’s Disease. Polyphenols… chemicals available in many natural foods… might disrupt the processes, and even lend some protection to Alzheimer’s by neutralising the effect of damaging compounds called free radicals. Fruit and vegetable juices are particularly rich in polyphenols! Anger reduces both lung function and adversely effects the immune system. Emotional therapies can help many physiological conditions! Are drug companies “pushing drugs”… what is their actual motivation in producing drugs?

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