Are You “SAD?” Then Maybe You Need Drugs! (NOT!)

There is an organization that is offering “free mental health screenings” for SAD (seasonal affective disorder.) “SAD” is supposed to be brought on by the lack of sunlight during fall and winter months, and its symptoms include sleeping and eating in excess, extreme fatigue, weight gain, depression or irritability, and lack of interest in socializing and enjoyable activities. What the screenings really seem to do is sell drugs!

Free mental health screenings designed to promote psychiatric drug use, health author says

“Consumer advocate Mike Adams, author of ‘Take Back Your Health Power,’ calls the free mental health screenings “a thinly veiled patient recruiting scheme organized and funded by drug companies,” and urges patients who believe they are experiencing SAD to seek the advice of a qualified naturopathic physician for safe treatment options. ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder is really just sunlight deficiency,’ Adams said. ‘If you suffer from the symptoms of SAD, all you need is more sunlight or light therapy, not prescription drugs.’ In addition to getting more sunlight, SAD sufferers can consume specific foods and supplements for enhanced brain health, including fish oils that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, raw nuts, oily fish, raw fruits and vegetables, and whole grains.”

Be on the lookout for MORE “sneaky” methods to sell you prescription drugs! They are getting inventive!

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