Traditional Naturopath Podcast #14

The Traditional Naturopath Podcast – 14 – (10/07/06)
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Show Notes:
I appreciate your e-mails and questions on the Podcast! I will be getting back to those of you that wrote! Information on the web site and what interests me in the health news. When is an old drug worth $4,200.00 PER DOSE? This drug is a terrible travesty of justice! And they are aiming it at people that are desperate! And the side effects are terrible! What is the motivation? A cure, no! Money! A discussion of “SAD” (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and “free mental screening clinics” that are in place to sell drugs! Vitamin D and it’s relation to osteoporosis. SAD is “sunlight deficiency!” Drug commercials on TV. “Black tea” may reduce stress” an “old wive’s tale” that is true! Avoid pure, refined sugar since it is a metabolic poison! “Black tea” reduces cortisol. Scientists call experience “anecdotal evidence.” Aloe Vera as an herbal remedy to heal burns. And, herbal remedies avoid chemical and drug side effects. Chemotherapy retards brain function for ten years or longer! Chemotherapy kills cells; even good cells. DO the “benefits” outweigh the risks?” I think not! Mental fog and confusion after chemo is not due to emotional issues, but is due to chemo effecting the frontal lobe of the brain. There are natural, effective alternatives to chemotherapy. There are benefits to allopathic medicine for “heroic” medical intervention, like after an accident. Naturopathic treatment strengthens your immune system and helps you remain healthy. That’s the difference between an allopathic and naturopathic approach. Write me and I will help you locate a naturopath in YOUR area! YOU are the one MOST responsible for YOUR personal health!

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  • I recently discovered your podcast and love it. But, I do have to disagree with a bit on this one. SAD does exist – and the solution generally isn’t get out and into the sun. I have never suffered from any mental illness or depression in my life, EXCEPT when I lived in Eugene, Oregon. I would have loved to get out and see the sun, but the sun does not shine for 9 months straight there. I’m serious. You might get a day or two in April, but from Oct 1 – Until June, there is no sunshine. I was miserable.

    Now they make special lights that supply appropriate UV rays that can help. But anyone who lives in the Pacific Northwest, who suffers from SAD, is experiencing something real. And the solution isn’t go out into the sun – unless you can afford a plane ticket.

    I now (happily) live in Southern California and soak up as much Vitamin D as I can every day!

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