Traditional Naturopath Podcast #15

The Traditional Naturopath Podcast – 15 – (10/29/06)
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Show Notes:
Potassium supplementation can help restore bone mass in older women. The importance of pH in health. Cloned beef and milk may soon be approved by the FDA… watch out! Grape Seed Extract halts cancer cell growth! High refined bread consumption linked to kidney cancers. To prevent brain aging, eat more veggies! The diabetes drug “Actos” does nothing, and is harmful! Why YOU are the person most responsible for YOUR health!

One comment

  • Hello Dr. Bailey,

    I enjoy your podcasts. It is good to hear someone who knows what he is talking about.

    I have a couple questions that would be great if you could answer. But if you could answer just one that would be greatly appreciated.

    How do you suggest I get my daughter to not wake up at night. She is 10 months old and often wakes up around 3 for a drink.

    Also I believe I have Aspergers Syndrome and I can function just fine but I would love any advise when it comes to diet or supplements that might improve my condition. I have trouble with the mental side of sports and have difficulty understanding people because my mind is very literal. I am often miss things that are between the lines and social rules don’t come naturally.

    What do you recommend for a natural alternative when it comes to birth control. My wife and I don’t like condoms and we are too fertile for natural family planning method.

    Thank you for your time.

    In His Name,
    David Mahler
    Cape Cod, MA

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