Lack of Vitamin D Can Be a “Marker” for Atherosclerosis

“Considering vitamin D deficiencies are common among type 2 diabetics, I’m not at all surprised to learn the same connection also applies to atherosclerosis, the disease process leading to heart attack and stroke. Italian scientists compared the vitamin D levels of 390 type 2 diabetics to an equal number of healthy patients in addition to measuring the amount of atherosclerotic plaque (cartoid artery intimal thickness) during the winter. Like the earlier study (also conducted by some of the same researchers), scientists found low vitamin D levels were an independent, strong predicator of atherosclerosis, further evidence Prof. Robert Scragg of the University of Auckland was right some 16 years ago, when he discovered diminished vitamin D levels were strongly associated with heart disease.”

Low Vitamin D Levels a Marker for Atherosclerosis

Have you noticed the way that Vitamin D deficiency keeps coming up as an issue? It is because we have become “sun-avoiders” due to the barrage of hype we have had to avoid the sun at all costs! We need solar exposure every day to produce Vitamin D!

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