Pieces of Metal Force Recall of Acetaminophen

Contaminated acetaminophen made for third parties like CVS, Safeway, Wal-Mart, etc. are being recalled after small metal filings were found in some lots.

11 Million Bottles of Acetaminophen Recalled

“Perrigo Co., the nation’s largest maker of store-brand drugs for retailers such as CVS, Safeway and Food Lion, is recalling 11 million bottles of the painkiller acetaminophen after finding small metal particles in 200 caplets. Neither the company nor the Food and Drug Administration has received reports of injuries or illness related to the contaminated product. Ingesting contaminated caplets could cause minor stomach discomfort or cuts in the mouth or throat. The likelihood of any adverse health consequence is remote, said Douglas Throckmorton, a top FDA official. With 65 percent market share, publicly traded Perrigo dominates the over-the-counter generic drug industry to the point where, on average, every adult and child in the United States takes a Perrigo-made tablet once every four days, chief executive Joseph C. Papa told analysts during an Oct. 10 conference call. Perrigo pioneered store-brand drugs and makes generic versions of Pepcid AC antacid, Claritin allergy medicine, Sudafed, NyQuil and Centrum vitamins, among other products, that are sold under more than 100 store brands.”

This points back to my comment, “YOU are the person most responsible for YOUR health!” Pay attention to news like this, and check the drugs that you may have on your shelf. Better yet, use natural means to reduce headache pain… or use herbal pain relievers!

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