Vitamin D May Help Curb Breast Cancer

Our old friend Vitamin D is getting some more good press! It seems that is helps curb breast cancer!

Vitamin D May Help Curb Breast Cancer Progression

“Vitamin D may help curb breast cancer progression, suggests a small study published ahead of print in the Journal of Clinical Pathology. The authors reach their conclusion from a study of 279 women with invasive breast cancer. The disease was in the early stages in 204 women, and advanced in the remainder. Serum levels of vitamin D, parathyroid hormone, and calcium were measured in both groups of women. The results showed that women with early stage disease had significantly higher levels of vitamin D and significantly lower levels of parathyroid hormone than did the women with advanced disease.”

“Laboratory studies have also shown that vitamin D stops cancer cells from dividing and that it enhances cell death. And the epidemiological evidence points to a link between rates of, and deaths from, breast cancer and exposure to sunlight.”

Once again, I repeat, 20 minutes of direct sunlight per day can help your body naturally produce Vitamin D, and you can enjoy the benefits of better health!

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