Traditional Naturopath Podcast – 17

The Traditional Naturopath Podcast – 17 – (11/13/06)
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Show Notes:
A short report on my Practical Herbology 102 class through CNHP this past weekend. Why the podcast was delayed. Equipment problems nixed the recording of interviews I had planned at the course. The problem of Bastyr University and its cohorts trying to “hijack” the “ND” designation and be the only approved school for Naturopathy by influencing local state legislatures to enact ND registration and licensure. It has become illegal in South Carolina to be a Traditional Naturopath without this organization “stamp” of approval. My own experience and background as a graduate of Trinity School of Natural Health and other organizations. Is one school’s Bachelors degree, for instance, any less “real” than another school’s? There are organizations that are working to help you maintain your heath freedoms… check them out! Lack of Vitamin D can be a “marker” for atherosclerosis. Vitamin D may help curb breast cancer progression, suggests a small study published ahead of print in the Journal of Clinical Pathology. Perrigo Co., the nation’s largest maker of store-brand drugs for retailers such as CVS, Safeway and Food Lion, is recalling 11 million bottles of the painkiller acetaminophen after finding small metal particles in 200 caplets. YOU need to check your medicine cabinet and see if you need to throw out your acetaminophen. If they are having a particularly hard time nailing down a diagnosis, sometimes doctors use Google, according to an Australian study. The Google Scholar project. The difference between Allopathic and Naturopathic approaches in terms of “labeling” a disease as opposed to reinforcing the healthy immune system.

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