Eating Slowly Reduces Calorie Intake Significantly!

“You can maintain weight and even lose it if you eat your food slowly, according to a new University of Rhode Island study. The theory that eating slowly means a lower food intake has been around for at least 30 years, but this study is the first to lend scientific proof to the idea. ‘It started in 1972 as a hypothesis that eating slowly would allow the body time for the development of satiety, and we would eat less,’ said University of Rhode Island assistant professor of nutrition and food science Kathleen Melanson. ‘Since then it has become common knowledge, but no studies had been conducted to prove it.’ Thirty college-aged women were split into two groups, the first of which was asked to eat pasta with tomato and vegetable sauce and Parmesan cheese without pausing between bites. This group averaged 646 calories in nine minutes. The second group was served the same meal, but asked to put their forks down and chew between bites, and averaged 579 calories in 29 minutes. The members of the second group reported still feeling full an hour after their meal.”

Eating slowly proven to reduce caloric intake by 70 percent in recent study

It is amazing that something so simple can have such a direct impact on overall calorie consumption!

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