Drastic Drop in Breast Cancer Cases Due to Reduced Use of HRT?

You are always “experimenting” with your health if you try unnatural, artificial treatments. One that became very popular was HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy.) In recent years, that treatment has come under suspicion, and use of it has declined… with it, there has been a resulting drop in breast cancer. Amazing!

Breast cancer drop linked to HRT

“A drop in breast cancer cases may be due to women eschewing Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), experts say. University of Texas researchers recorded a 7% drop in new breast cancer cases in the US in 2003. The told a US cancer conference the fall could be linked to the fact that millions of women gave up HRT following reports questioning its safety. They recorded an even bigger fall – 12% – in cases of hormone-dependent breast cancer among women aged 50-69. UK researchers say they have also seen a drop in breast cancer cases in women in their early 50s. Women in their 50s and 60s are those most likely to use HRT. The researchers told the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium around 14,000 fewer US women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, compared with the previous year. In 2002 a large study of women using HRT was halted after evidence emerged that the form of therapy being used apparently increased the risk of developing breast cancer. The researchers said the number of American women on HRT had halved by the end of 2002 in the wake of the scare.”

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