“Cancer Cure” Patented?

A possible promising future “cure” for cancer has been patented. I am not so concerned about whether the “cure” is viable or not at this point, as it it way’s off from being tested yet, but more that they always feel it necessary to “lock down” the possible technology to make it limited, right from the start, due to the “requirement” to make money off it.

Cancer cure patented

“A group of researchers claim that they are patenting a possible cure for cancer involving nothing more than sugar and short-chain fatty acid combination. The Johns Hopkins researchers cautioned that their double-punch molecule, described in the December issue of the journal Chemistry & Biology, has not yet been tested on animals or humans. Nevertheless, they believe it represents a promising new strategy for fighting the deadly disease, and have already filed an application for a U.S. patent covering this class of compounds.” (Emphasis mine.)

I know researchers have to make money, that it involves their livelihood, but with so many suffering from cancer, why is the very FIRST move always to lock it down?

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