Mega-Vitamin D Pill to Fight Cancer

We have been covering the importance of Vitamin D and how we are facing a crisis of deficiency because “they” have been telling us for years to stay out of the sun. (We produce Vitamin D naturally when our skin is exposed to sunlight.) Now, in order to fight cancer, they have created a “mega-D” pill. Does anyone else see this as crazy!?

Vitamin pill for prostate cancer

“Exposure to Vitamin D from sunlight is known to improve the prognosis of certain cancers. US drug company Novacea has produced a pill which delivers a concentrated dose of the vitamin without running the risk of side-effects from an overdose. Chemistry and Industry magazine reports that if clinical trials of the drug – Asentar (DN-101) – are successful it could be available by 2009. The drug would be given to patients in the advanced stages of the disease, along with chemotherapy drugs. Professor Nick James, a cancer expert at the University of Birmingham, said the drug had produced impressive results in preliminary phase two trials. He said patients taking the drug lived for an average of an extra nine months longer than those taking another chemotherapy drug – taxotere – alone. Professor James said: ‘On average, patients in the advanced stage of the disease survive about 18 months, so an extension of nine months would be very significant in my view.’ Asentar provides levels of vitamin D 50 to 100 times higher than normal. Patients would be expected to take one tablet once a week with their weekly regime of taxotere for three weeks out of every four.”

So… now you can take your chemical poison (chemotherapy) with a strong dose of a vitamin. Weird.

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