It Sounds Like a Bad Movie Plot… But it is REAL!

Imagine… a group of renegade scientists conspire to create a new food crop by inbreeding a human gene into the plant! The crop is released to the public… strange, and unforeseen effects begin to be seen in the populace’s health! What to do!?!

Guess what? THIS IS NOT A BAD MOVIE SCRIPT! This is actually happening now! We need to push for labeling of “Frankenfoods” so that we will know what to avoid in the stores!

USDA approves mass planting of GM rice made with human genes

“For the first time, the USDA has given preliminary approval for large-scale planting of a genetically engineered food crop containing human genes. The rice grains, produced by California-based Ventria Bioscience, synthesize a human immune protein. The public comment period for this decision lasts until March 30, after which the decision will be finalized.”

Quote: “This is not a product that everyone would want to consume. It is unwise to produce drugs in plants outdoors.” – Jane Rissler, Union of Concerned Scientists

Health advocate Mike Adams says, “These experiments with genetically modified crops are, in my view, extremely dangerous and may ultimately lead to a genetic Chernobyl that could devastate the U.S. food supply. Such crops should never be allowed to be planted in the open. In giving this preliminary approval, the USDA seems to be once again leaning towards protecting corporate profits rather than public health. The motives of a regulatory agency that would allow such crops to be planted in open fields are highly questionable.”

This is, to my mind, insane, and unconscionable! At the VERY LEAST we should be informed of GMO foods (Genetically Modified Foods) so that we can avoid them… my concern is that we will not be told what is GMO and what is natural, and we will be unable to be assured of our own personal food supply!

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