The Truth on New Vaccines? Follow the Money!

Whether you get a given treatment of any kind should be YOUR choice, after all it is YOUR body… right? NOT according to Texas.. where the governor has signed into law a mandate for young girls to receive a vaccine whether they want it or not! Is it mere coincidence that he has been given campaign contributions from Merck, and that his former chief of staff is a lobbyist for Merck? The New York Times on February 17, 2007 reported, “In Texas, Gov. Rick Perry recently issued an order that girls be vaccinated. But some legislators are trying to overturn the order, with some opponents complaining because the governor’s former chief of staff is now a lobbyist for Merck.” As always, “follow the money!”

New York Times Report

Growing Controversy Over New Merck Vaccines

“Gardasil, Zostavax, and Rotateq were all vaccines introduced by Merck in late 2005 in an attempt to turn their finances around in the wake of litigation over thousands of deaths allegedly caused by the painkiller Vioxx. However, Gardasil has caused conflicts between state legislatures who want to require young girls to take it and parents who believe such laws circumvent their rights. Meanwhile, Rotateq, designed to prevent gastrointestinal illnesses in children, has led to growing incidents of intussusception, a rare and life-threatening form of intestinal blockage. In the wake of the continuing controversy over the Gardasil human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, Merck has ended its lobbying campaign to make Gardasil a mandatory vaccine in the United States. The American Academy of Pediatrics, which has been supportive of Gardasil, was nonetheless pleased about the end of the campaign, citing concerns about requiring another vaccine for a problem that doesn’t have a large impact on health nationwide. At the same time, reports are being made of side effects associated with Gardasil, including fainting and dizziness. But a potentially far more dangerous risk is the growing incidence of intussusception among children who use Merck’s vaccine Rotateq. Intussusception occurs when the intestine telescopes into itself, causing an obstruction of the bowel that is repaired surgically.”

People should not be required to accept a treatment just because it will lead to the solvency of a business. YOU are the person most responsible for YOUR health!


  • What kind of vaccine is this? And why only girls? The idea of ‘no choice’ in the so called ‘land of the free’ is very sad.

  • The vaccine is for girls because it is supposed to prevent cervical cancer. I am more concerned that the girls in Texas are given no choice, but have to take it to go to school.

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