Can You Handle the Truth?

Can you handle the content of this video? It is information about what the WTO and the FDA plan to do to take away your rights to use vitamins and supplements… it is about basic health freedoms.


Sad… but true. Encourage people that you know are ignorant of these issues to take the 28 minutes to watch this video. We have to stand up against this kind of health tyranny!

For more information on Codex Alimentarius… check out this link:

Codex Alimentarius – The Sinister Truth Behind Operation Cure-All

Wow! If, as the video says, a woman in Europe has been arrested for selling a 500mg Vitamin C tablet… what would they do with me, personally, taking 3000mg (3 grams) of Vitamin C per day?


  • Unfortunately, the video doesn’t work. I will check back later.

    Make no mistake, this whole globalization concept is really the Americanization of the world through its cartel of various huge industries – be it introducing poorer food standards to Europe (fast food chains, ‘convenience foods’) or drugs. A major one being the pharma industries.

    Even the European codex, with Germany behind it, has come about because of the huge American pharmaceutical industries behind it controlling it (think Bayer, Bristol-Myers Squibb). So it LOOKS like it is a Euro codex, but it is a clever ruse.

    Incidentally, in one of the articles at one of the above links I read that in Germany one cannot examine a bottle of supplements without a pharmacist’s permission. What kind of rubbish is that? I never had any problem with that. We are free to read what we want. If the pharmacist doesn’t like it, one goes elsewhere. But I have never, ever heard nor experienced this.

    What is angering is the ‘for your own good’ interferance by the industry moguls – who have absolutely NO real interest in public health other than making them permanent consumers of their often debilitating, dangerous drugs – and their money making agenda…no matter from what side of the ocean it comes from.

    The pharma industry rather ignored the vitamin/alternative natural methods/herbal area until it realized that the public was leaning more towards that and someone else was making the money. That got their attention.

    Time may come we need a prescription for thyme to season our foods? Or a control on tomatoes because of the high lutein and vitamin C content?? Will we, the health conscience public no longer be capable of choosing to use natural supplements and vitamins and herbs?

    We need a people’s rebellion. Enough is enough.

    Patricia, a German living in Spain (who also lived in the USA)

  • Patricia,

    Sorry that you are having trouble viewing it. I just tested it and it is working for me. If you continue to have problems, here is the original link to the video off of Google:

    We really do need to fight hard against Codex and the WTO’s attempt to provide a windfall for Big Pharma at the expense of those of us that want access to natural supplements!

  • Thanks very much for adding the link. I shall be sending it on and also to my newsletter subscribers.

    I think it very significant that throughout the film several times the (in)famous ‘eye over pyramid’ was shown. A look into the Illuminati explains this significance of this symbol that is centuries old and has carved much of history.

    One of the known vehicles employed by ‘them’ is to instigate/influence/create various ‘fires’. When one is not so successful in one area, then another is created elsewhere…knowing eventually the two will merge to a greater force. As is the case with Codex. It is as I mentioned, the true driving force behind all of this is in part the US pharma industry, but this time in European clothing (when it suits them).

    I am dismayed that nothing (unless you understand German) was mentioned about the HUGE upheaval this caused, several years ago in Europe, specifically Germany, then spreading to France then UK and elsewhere. In a way, it makes us over here look like we are behind this and happy about it.

    I was pro-European Union for many of its ORIGINAL noble purposes, not the least being uniting against the trade blackmail and bullying of the US trade policies. It gave us at least a strong currancy and voice to ‘say no’ and negotiate better on a more balanced and fairer table. Unfortunately, not enough ‘no’ was said. Too much backroom deals.

    I am still proudly European first and German second, but very saddened how our noble path designed to defend ourselves was manipulated.

    Unfortunately – certainly forseeable – the EU powers have been infiltrated, manipulated by those powers so powerful, they control the politics of most countries in some way. They are indeed a governing force of their own with no loyalty to country nor folk, but their own agendas. They certainly control the very strongest industries, the oil and medical/pharma mogels. Then come the meat and milk industries, the soya industries and all the damage that continues to cause…etc. etc. Monsanto, but a mere minor player.

    I see I have ranted too much. Thank you for listening. And thank you immensely for this excellent video. It will prove my point to a few disbelievers.

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