“Big Pharma” Really DOES Push Drugs!

You’ve heard me gripe about how big pharmaceutical companies “push” their drugs on unsuspecting people through medical doctors, but did you know their history with regard to REAL, heavy “street drugs?”

The secret history of Big Pharma’s role in creating and marketing heroin, LSD, meth, Ecstasy and speed

I double dare you to read the article at the above link!

“Once you realize the connection between street drugs and prescription drugs, it’s easy to figure out why Big Pharma is such a strong supporter of the Partnership For A Drug-Free America — because they don’t want consumers getting their drugs from street dealers, they want people buying their drugs from drug companies! Drug companies’ attempts to outlaw street drugs are little more than a way of eliminating the competition and monopolizing the drug market. Ultimately, Big Pharma is just another drug pushing cartel that has the same goals as any drug dealer: Convince customers they need your drug, get them hooked on it, and eliminate the competition. The only difference is that Big Pharma has been so successful at dealing drugs that it has enough funds to buy off Congress, the Food and Drug Administration and practically the entire psychiatric industry (not to mention medical schools and mainstream media outlets).”

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  • This leaves one absolutely speechless. It is far worse than I ever imagined. Thanks for sharing this…I will pass the link (to here) on!

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