Traditional Naturopath Podcast #29

The Traditional Naturopath Podcast – 29 – (04/14/07)
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Show Notes:
Specifics on the FDA “Guidance” on Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, and vitamins, supplements, minerals, and other foods. The link between sugar and cancer.


  • Another great podcast, thanks. This whole FDA regulation and further loss of freedom – be it in the US or for us over here in Europe – is enfuriating.

    What I picked up on the news in Germany about this whole Codex Alimentus (sp?), was a reference to a woman in France, who was arrested for selling 500 mg. Vit C. in her shop. She knew what she was doing and protesting in this way to draw attention.

    Yes, she was arrested (for selling 500mg Vit C), but it was not England, it was France.

    One does not ‘get arrested’ for taking certain doses of vitamins nor possessing stock of it in your own home. This is a bit of exaggeration that has spread around the internet. Who is going to know what YOU take in your own home? There are no special police for this. But it does get attention to a very real regulation problem.

    One can take as many Vit C one wants. So popping three 200 mg. tablets is up to the individual. The issue now is now is not being able to purchase the 500 mg. Same thing happened to Vit E. over here. Now you can only find lower doses. So one takes more of the smaller doses.

    And this is another plus for the supplement industry – who is under the BIG PHARMA thumb – there is more money in selling things in smaller increments.

  • Thanks for clearing up the details, Patricia. As you say, if we can’t buy it, we can’t use it… I am trusting that as we get the word out, folks will stand up for our health freedoms!

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