Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Cancer

We have said many times in this Blog that the near “hysteria” over staying out of the sun has caused a deficiency in most folks in the U.S. of Vitamin D. We have also seen the link between Vitamin D and many debilitating and serious conditions. New evidence only strengthens this connection!

Vitamin D casts cancer prevention in new light

“For decades, researchers have puzzled over why rich northern countries have cancer rates many times higher than those in developing countries — and many have laid the blame on dangerous pollutants spewed out by industry. But research into vitamin D is suggesting both a plausible answer to this medical puzzle and a heretical notion: that cancers and other disorders in rich countries aren’t caused mainly by pollutants but by a vitamin deficiency known to be less acute or even non-existent in poor nations. Those trying to brand contaminants as the key factor behind cancer in the West are ‘looking for a bogeyman that doesn’t exist,’ argues Reinhold Vieth, professor at the Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Toronto and one of the world’s top vitamin D experts. Instead, he says, the critical factor ‘is more likely a lack of vitamin D.’ What’s more, researchers are linking low vitamin D status to a host of other serious ailments, including multiple sclerosis, juvenile diabetes, influenza, osteoporosis and bone fractures among the elderly.”

Notice this quote from the article I linked to above: “But perhaps the biggest bombshell about vitamin D’s effects is about to go off. In June, U.S. researchers will announce the first direct link between cancer prevention and the sunshine vitamin. Their results are nothing short of astounding. A four-year clinical trial involving 1,200 women found those taking the vitamin had about a 60-per-cent reduction in cancer incidence, compared with those who didn’t take it, a drop so large — twice the impact on cancer attributed to smoking — it almost looks like a typographical error. And in an era of pricey medical advances, the reduction seems even more remarkable because it was achieved with an over-the-counter supplement costing pennies a day.”

Simple, inexpensive Vitamin D supplementation, or even better, just getting out into the sun, which produces Vitamin D in the body naturally, can stave off these conditions. This doesn’t “help” the financial “bottom line” of Big Pharma… but it sure helps people stay healthy! Also notice this quote:

“Only brief full-body exposures to bright summer sunshine — of 10 or 15 minutes a day — are needed to make high amounts of the vitamin. But most authorities, including Health Canada, have urged a total avoidance of strong sunlight or, alternatively, heavy use of sunscreen. Both recommendations will block almost all vitamin D synthesis.”

Sunscreen, which we are being told to use ANYTIME we venture into the sun, BLOCKS “almost all vitamin D synthesis!” It is no wonder we are in an almost epidemic deficiently of Vitamin D! What DO we need to do? we need to get 20 minutes a day of sun on our skin, every day. That is not enough to cause cancer, but it is enough to produce Vitamin D!

Finally check this quote: “‘There is no better anti-cancer agent than activated vitamin D. I mean, it does everything you’d want,’ said Dr. Cannell of the Vitamin D Council.”

Get out there, and get some natural sunlight!

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