The House Sells Out Natural Health Interests

On July 11th, the U.S. House of Representatives sold out our interests by granting the FDA even MORE oversight and authority WITHOUT excluding vitamins and supplements. There are possible dark days ahead for our access to these beneficial items. For details, read the link below!

FDA tyranny to become law: HR.2900 analysis by Richards and Adams

“On July 11, 2007, the U.S. House of Representatives passed HR 2900, blocking debate on the law and preventing the introduction of any amendments that might have provided meaningful drug safety protections for consumers. This action demonstrates that the House of Representatives, much like the Senate, is utterly controlled by Big Pharma and has abandoned any responsibility to defend the interests of the voters. Drug companies now have complete control over the U.S. Congress, and through a campaign of intense lobbying and financial influence, they have managed to easily water down a law that once proposed to end the American monopoly on pharmaceuticals and ban advertising on new drugs. Instead of placing new restrictions on Big Pharma and the increasingly dangerous power of the FDA, this new law (a combination of HR.2900 and S.1082, when it is hammered out in conference) grants more power to the FDA while deepening the financial ties between the agency and drug companies. The law effectively surrenders America to a system of medical tyranny under which a criminally-operated FDA will continue to promote pharmaceuticals, censor nutritional education and discredit alternatives that threaten drug company profits. Nothing in the new law protects consumers’ access to dietary supplements or natural medicine.”

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  • Thank you for your blog and podcast. I just received an iPod as a gift, and it took a while to find the “alternative health” podcasts that I was interested in, but I did find yours and just listened to your podcast from June 30. Very interesting, especially the news on cinnamon and its benefits (painful joints, etc.), and my father in law has Type 2 diabetes. I also found the differences between naturopathy and allopathy very interesting, and I hope to research some of the issues and sites you were discussing.

    I look forward to more podcasts – I’m subscribed :) I’m a Reiki practitioner with an interest in vegan diets and energy medicine, and I prefer a naturopathic approach myself (from what I’ve learned about the field of naturopathy).

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