The FDA’s “War on Stevia” Continues!

SteviaThe FDA (no friend of the natural health community) has long fought the use of the natural herb stevia rebaudiana in foods and beverages. Most industry watchers believe that this is due to the fact that the sugar and artificial sweetener lobbyists hold sway in the halls of the government. After all, stevia is a natural herb that has been used for thousands of years with no ill effects by hundreds of thousands, in fact, probably millions of people, with no ill effects. In fact, stevia can strengthen teeth, supports the heart muscle, and has no glycemic, or caloric value… yet it is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar… it would seem to be an answer to prayer for many facing obesity! Yet, the FDA will not allow it to be used as a sweetener. It can only be used as a “supplement.” And, many companies have, in fact, re-labeled their products as “supplements” to get around this conspiracy to keep a safe herbal alternative from consumers. Hain Celestial Teas recently applied to the FDA to allow them to use stevia as a sweetener in their beverages, however, the FDA has responded by “firing a new volley” in the war to prevent the use of this alternative from being used! This, in spite of the fact that in other countries, such as Japan, stevia is a common sweetener in foods. In fact, stevia makes up 40% of the sweetener market in Japan!

FDA warns Hain of stevia use; calls herb unsafe

In order to understand the war against stevia, we need only look to the power of the artificial sweetener and sugar lobbyists in the industry. After all, who would “lose” in a head-to-head battle of a safe, natural herb that could sweeten our beverages, against artificial chemical “frankenstein-like” creations like aspartame or saccharin? The public would quickly vote with their pocketbooks, and the artificial sweetener industry would soon be no more! They have everything to lose and nothing to gain by stevia’s universal acceptance! Is it no wonder that “hands are being greased” so to speak, to prevent this?

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