Avandia Users Have a 60% Higher Rate of Heart Failure

60% HIGHER rate of heart failure. In case you don’t fully grasp that… heart failure is bad. It usually leads to rather permanent death. Sorry to be so factious… but this is just amazing to me! So called “health care professionals” giving patients a drug that increases heart failure by 60%! This is criminal!

Avandia Study Shows 60 Percent Increase in Heart Failure Risk Among Diabetics who Take the Drug

“(NaturalNews) Seniors who take the popular Type 2 diabetes drug Avandia have a 60 percent higher risk of heart failure than patients who take other diabetes medications, according to a new data analysis conducted by the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Science in Toronto and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. ‘Our study suggests that at least in this high-risk population, the harms of the drug may outweigh the benefits,’ lead author Lorraine L. Lipscombe said. Researchers conducted an analysis of the health data for 159,000 people over the age of 64 who had been treated for Type 2 diabetes in the Ontario public health system, including 2,268 who had been given Avandia. Patients treated with Avandia had a 60 percent higher heart failure risk, 40 percent higher risk of experiencing a heart attack, and a 30 percent higher chance of dying during the study period than patients given other oral diabetes drugs. This means that for every 100 people taking Avandia, there would be five more deaths, four more heart attacks and three more heart failure episodes over the course of four years than if those people had not taken the drug.”

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