Psyllium for Cleansing the Colon

The husk of the Psyllium plant (that surrounds the seeds) is a beneficial cleansing agent. If you want to clean out your colon, then psyllium is the way to do it! Psyllium expands to several times its original size when mixed with water. As it moves through your colon, it bulks up and softens your stool. In fact, you may notice that your stool will become darker, and thicker, when using psyllium. Natural health practioners believe that this is due to old fecal matter being dislodged and cleansed from your colon.

Psyllium does not taste very good, but, fortunately, it can be combined with juices, to help make it more palentable. Some people can have allergic reactions to psyllium, so be careful using it! Start slow, and see how your body reacts to psyllium use.

Psyllium use is often combined with bentonite for a full cleanse. Psyllium and bentonite can help to eliminate parasites and candida, but shoudl be used with other treatments for a full effect in this area. Bentonite is a medicinal powdered clay which is also known as montmorillonite.

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