The Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a supplement that I take regularly. I fell a few years ago, and damaged my sciatic nerve. I was prescribed Gabapentin for the nerve pain, but as soon as possible, I got off that, and I am now taking ALA in place of the pharmaceutical drug. Better long term results, no side effects… a “win-win!” Plus, I get the added benefits mentioned in this article!

New reasons discovered for supplementing with alpha lipoic acid

“(NaturalNews) Alpha lipoic acid – a.k.a., ALA, linolenic acid, or a-lipoic acid – is a potent, versatile antioxidant that also serves to convert blood sugar into metabolic energy. Recent research has shown lipoic acid’s power to help repair nerve damage and possibly protect against Alzheimer’s as well as declining vision. And there are many more health issues covered by ALA than most know.

The more it is researched, the more it appears to be a miraculous substance that’s easy to supplement. The term ALA will be used throughout this article.

Unlike most other antioxidants, ALA functions in cellular water or fat. Though it is produced in our bodies, production wanes as we age. So supplementing with ALA is yet another approach to anti-aging.

It is unusual because it can actually recycle glutathione, considered the master oxidant because it recycles other antioxidants after they are used up from capturing free radicals. The ALA antioxidant even recycles the master oxidant.

That master oxidant, glutathione, is also critical for liver and overall health. Glutathione cannot be introduced into our systems directly because it can’t get past the GI tract. Its normal production from the liver can only be stimulated externally by precursors. So recycling glutathione is very helpful for maintaining high glutathione levels…

It chelates heavy metals, balances blood sugar and insulin sensitivity, protects against and repairs nerve damage for eye health, adds to bone density and cardiovascular health, protects the liver, offers cataract protection, and restores the master oxidant glutathione while capturing free radicals itself. Who could ask for anything more?”

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