How to Deal With Adipose Tissue!

Did you know different areas of your body retain, and hold, fat differently than other parts? Adipose tissue (or, fat) is the bain of many people’s lives… but it can be dealt with if approached correctly!

NATURAL HEALTH: Getting to where the fat is at!

“NIAGARA FALLS — Fat, aka adipose tissue, is found in several places in your body — probably more places than you would like. Besides the fat underneath your skin (subcutaneous fat) there is fat on top of the kidneys, some in the liver and a small amount in the muscle tissue.

Fat cells are formed in the third trimester of pregnancy and later at the onset of puberty when sex hormones kick in. Where the fat is distributed depends on the sex of the individuals as hormones come into play. Estrogen dominance in women and men tends to result in abdominal fat.

An interesting fact that most are unaware of: Fat cells do not multiply after puberty. A diet that contributes to obesity does not cause fat cells to multiply — they just get bigger (and bigger and bigger). The only exception would be if the individual gained a significant amount of weight or if they had liposuction.

As tempting as liposuction may be, one of the most common pitfalls is that once you remove the fat cells from one area, they will become larger in other areas if the diet does not change. So you may have a smaller backside — but added fat to your knees or chin area may not be attractive and actually awkward.

So how do we lose fat? We are bombarded with exercise machines, supplements and foods touting a reduction in belly fat. I am so sorry to say that there is no food, no exercise and no pill that will cause your body to lose fat in one area verses another.

If we want to lose fat you need to consume fewer calories than you burn. In time, your body will begin to convert fat into usable energy and the fat deposits throughout your body will start to vanish. Personally, I am not a calorie counter but I do know the majority of vegetables and proteins I consume are energy producing and lower in calories.

For men, abdominal fat is the last fat that will leave the body as face and extremities are usually first so a whole body approach needs to be initiated. For women, the last place to lose weight is typically the hips and buttocks. Those stubborn last ten pounds are often the most difficult to lose — believe me I have had this battle on and off for years.

Exercise is important not so much for shrinking a specific area — but muscle dictates metabolism and the more muscle mass you have, the better your metabolism and therefore you burn calories more efficiently.

Empty calorie foods such as soda, juice, fried chicken fingers, chips, fries, candy, beer, wine, crackers, cookies and bread preserve and grow your fat cells. Empty calorie foods are any food that lacks in nutritional value for the body but contains an abundance of calories. A huge mistake many make is consuming protein, fiber and energy bars or shakes that are loaded with useless calories and sugar, this only make the fat harder to lose.

And while we are on the topic of fat, I’d like to mention ‘false fat.’ Dr. Elson Haas coined the term and has even written a book on the subject. False fat refers to that bloated feeling and extra 3 inches you get when you eat foods you should be avoiding. For example, I don’t eat bread or pasta on a regular basis but when I do, I’d be sure to wear clothing that will conveniently hide the two extra inches that will almost instantly appear around my midsection. Chronic congestion is also a form of false fat on the nasal passages mostly due to the ingestion of dairy or wheat products. The seven most common foods that contribute to the false fat and food sensitivities are: Dairy, wheat, sugar, corn, soy and peanuts.

False fat is much easier to prevent and lose. It can be done in just a matter of days by avoiding our inflammatory foods. The Blood Type Diet is one of the easiest ways to initiate this process.

If anything comes up that truly accelerates the loss of body fat that is safe and not likely to rebound — I promise I will share. Real fat shrinkage will occur with a dedicated desire to eat clean and exercise. It may seem like a long process but look how fast this past year went by — you can do it!”

– The author, Catherine Stack, is a doctor of naturopathy and a certified nurse midwife.

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